The most important difference of Fue technique to trace d. The head of the donor (donor) in the hair follicles on the technological methods balding area (recipient area) is to be implanted. Hair transplantation techniques, shows continuous improvement, depending on the course of the development of medical technology.

Why FUE Hair Transplant?
Most of the modern hair transplant operation is done with the FUE method. In the absence of an incision after surgery and hair transplantation process it is smoother compared to the FUT method, patients often prefer this technique.
proficiency reached in plantation "hairlessness sadness" shows that the need to live. no side effects, painless, painless hair transplantation offers the possibility of operations, assumed that can happen at a more affordable price.
Teams plantation, hair transplantation is the most effective method accepted FUE apply TECHNICAL particular, we emphasize
1. there is no trace of those made for the cut in the FUE technique.
2. New emerging hair; more vibrant and more lasting because it originated in the hair follicles in the nape.
3. Hair transplantation; 2 days of rest after the application requires 10 days and 2 weeks intensive protection of private care.
4. The method of hair transplantation, transplantation eyebrows, mustache and beard scars planting are also applied successfully.
In the plantation, planting an average price determined by the size of the area to be made, the case may be slight differences in the pricing of size or small acreage.
Hair transplantation with FUE technique is carried out in 3 stages:
Stage 1:
prepared to be part of the neck in the hair follicle. Local anesthesia is applied. Individual follicles are taken and stored in a specially prepared solution with a micromotor. First phase average for 2 - 3 hours. Time determines the amount of hair to be taken.

Stage 2:
Hair local anesthetic is applied to the area to be planted. Then people with special devices opens appropriate channels. The number of these channels in order to provide direction and frequency of natural appearance is very important. This stage takes approximately 2 hours.

Stage 3:
Hair follicles were placed individually into slots. This application will determine the future image for 2 - 3 hours. Total 6 - after a period of 8 hours is happening plantation completed application.
taken at the nape of the hair follicle is closed with dressing. The area planted hair is left open. Where the operation was performed day in this part of the team Hairestel to control drug is applied. Then two weeks during the person makes dressing at home every evening with a special lotion. This lotion cleans the crust in that area; After 45 minutes of hair washing is carried out without forcing the warm shower.
At the end of the first month it can be poured 80% of the transplanted hair starts to grow again despite three months and can be expected to obtain optimal results between 8 and 12 months. (Third month balding hair again until the image sabredil should, should not panic.)

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