Female hair loss can be devastating psychologically than it is in men. Hormonal changes, medications or trioid illness or stress or genetic predisposition to certain diseases, such as anemia can cause hair loss in women. accurate diagnosis in female patients is more important than the right treatment decision given menu. natural-looking results in increasing the hair density with hair transplantation is obtained.
Although seen as a problem of the general male alopecia, due to genetic factors or environmental effects also occur later today many women, alopecia and hair loss is experiencing problems.
Women by causing saçsızlık outside the genetic reasons; smoking, poor nutrition, metabolic and hormonal problems, extreme stressful life, hair and scalp use the wrong products, used in some medications, can be counted incorrectly applied treatments.
Unlike men, women with alopecia affects people psychologically much more.
Male pattern baldness in a conventional aesthetic defects, women who have trouble with hairlessness problem to adapt to social life. But to the World Live Haier advanced techniques and methods that we use as soon as we bring problems with hairlessness quite successful solution.

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