In beard and mustache, a treatment to remove hair on hairless area is not new yet. Therefore, it is best to transplant. Regional dilutions, due to ringworm or transfer made with the FUE technique in which it is possible to have a more aesthetic appearance of scars.
Facial transplantation how is it done?
Beard is not as much hair as it can be found in different intensity from person to person. One can hear the sparse beard noticeably uncomfortable with the level. For this reason, usually not needed very often in October beard. If regional beard loss in this case, planting is planned to make environmentally sound frequency in nearby beard. Beard made entirely or in this case the person wants and frequency depending on the border between the 1000-3000 planting roots. Full mustache and chin area 400 in the corner of one root, a favorite of the 100 roots, the roots planted in a total of 1000 provides significantly change appearance. Facial transplantation process is carried out on the nape of the hair follicles of the thin wire or just above the upper ear. Beard sub-region, chest, neck makes it unnecessary on the bottom and cheekbone and also to intensify the more sparse beard arable field. root uptake of these areas because of heavy beard beautiful invisible, providing a distinct advantage because it provides permanent hair removal in the area.
Seeding may be;
The main this is important stages and sowing knowledge, skills and experience on the subject of the expert who is very important because the beard & mustache all other hair follicles from transport (hair, eyebrows, mustache, sideburns October) is very different and the angle is very important. Beard & mustache nature of the area and the other faces will be planted at an angle compatible with the mustache & beard and often must be designed and planted.
Beard Moustache October How Much?
Beard will be used in methods of cultivation, such as number of factors affect the pricing and the team will be planted roots. Please to get pricing information, contact our team of experts from the phone, or send it to us via the form on our website photo. Our team as soon as possible to give you information about appropriate methods for examining your pictures beard cultivation will reach you.

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