Eyebrow transplantation region, which will be made with micro-channel lateral slit open. In the area of ​​the opening channels of specialist doctors and medical personnel to carry out an individual planting process.
VIP is Hair Transplantation as hundreds of eyebrow transplant was successfully performed especially your eyebrows in many thinning caused by deformation on the eyebrows in women perfect design and the desired shape in a short time-traumatized, we apply painlessly. Kas extremely disturbing signs of trauma on the track, even though in the face of a olmaktadır.küçücük is the most striking point. Pen and permanent makeup turned off, the permanent and natural solution is the right eyebrow transplantation.
Eyebrow transplantation how does that happen?
First it is numbed with local anesthesia eyebrow region. When the match occurs the area to be planted with opened micro channel. These channels are placed in individual roots from the neck. This will be your scratch with new forms of cultivation which can also be faithful to your existing shape. Preferences and it is in line with the image you want to completely sick.
the process takes an average of 1 or 2 hours and heals rapidly. If you have scars and stitches on your brow, eyebrow transplantation with the closure of the tracks is also possible. After the recovery period, it makes it real in thickness and curvature of the eyebrows you want. None of the tracks during October does not remain in the eyebrows permanently closes after several days of convalescence.

Eyebrow transplantation can be done by anyone who has hair in the neck. After the recovery period makes the region made eyebrow transplantation are compared to the others because it carries the feature hair can show a faster growth. It's for a week will be enough to help shape the eyebrow scissors planted.
Seeding may be;
The main this is important stages and planting that knowledge, skills and experience in this matter experts is very important because the eyebrow all the other hair follicles from transport (hair, beard, mustache, sideburns October) is very different and very hungry değişkendir.kaş nose close to some light up while looking at the outermost It looks toward the portion between the two ears and I çıkmaktadır.t should be considered as a range of angles to be given to each eyebrow transplantation should be done in this area and at an angle of 40-45 degrees.
Eyebrow transplantation price is how much?
Kas will be used in methods of cultivation, factors such as the number of teams will be planted roots affects pricing. Please contact our team of experts from the phone to get pricing information, photo or send it to us via the form on our website. Our team as soon as possible to give you information about suitable methods for eyebrow transplantation by examining your images will not reach you.

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