PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) in simple words the person's own blood is centrifuged taken, the blood processing re-shipped to people that is rich in platelets separated parts. The portion which is rich in blood values ​​after centrifuging has many reparative and regenerative agents. This substance plays a key role in tissue repair. PRP therapy does not remove hair. However, a great hair roots nourishing, strengthening and protective allows to have healthy hair and scalp by a care.
The main actors in the clotting of blood platelets (another name for platelets) is the treatment with a plasma from the cells that zenginleştril PRP name is given. This method made after the special treatment with platelet-rich blood by taking a certain amount of people giving back the treatment field is applied to the same person.
Platelets or alias Platelets are necessary to ensure the repair of damaged tissue and return to our natural state body "growth factors" are hosting blood components in the structure. If any damage occurs in our tissues, our blood starts a repair process by collecting platelets to the tissue, and the purpose of the PRP application is to give many more platelets than it can be carried by the bloodstream to the target tissue, so that damaged tissue repair in so quickly and started strongly and more quickly results. It used frequently in recent years and the success rate in hair loss treatment is a treatment method which is high.
How to apply the treatment the PRP?
PRP treatment of superficial injection technique is applied to the skin in the area where the unhealthy hair. Implementation is very fast and a short time (4 - 5 minutes). PRP treatment applied after the procedure people can immediately return to everyday life. In no way it does not occur swelling and bruising.
Genetic factors, environmental factors, stressful life, poor nutrition, smoking and alcohol use, factors such as sedentary people not only impair the health as well as hair, may also negatively affect the skin and skin quality. In such cases, hair loss, skin dryness and sagging and staining may occur. In such cases to transfer of reparative cells and platelets serves as one of the most effective treatment. This can be achieved by PRP method.

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